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Fast and flawless—this is what customers expect from the hospitality industry. Hotel chatbots are advanced software solutions that are built specifically for the hospitality industry in order to automate guest service tasks, such as responding to queries, delivering information about the facilities available, making reservations, and answering frequent questions. Hotel booking bot solutions are designed to enable the hotel industry to engage with their clients instantly and in a personalized manner. Hence, such solutions reduce expenses by automating tasks that are generally performed by human employees. To understand the question and provide the right answer, bots use Natural Language Processing technology. 

Key benefits 

  1. Enables the guests to make self-check-ins and check-outs 
  2. Increases the volume of direct bookings by enabling people to book directly 
  3. Minimizes the number of bookings that are halted halfway
  4. Provides personalized support throughout the entire booking process
  5. Enables hotels to communicate with customers in multiple languages – hence, it enables customers to receive responses in their own language 
  6. Increases conversion rates and upsells opportunities
  7. Controls burden and reduces backlogs
  8. Assists with the check-in and check-out process

Key Features 

  1. Can integrate all communication channels into one screen
  2. Ideal to reduce the risk of errors, miscommunication, and inefficiencies 
  3. Guests can quickly connect with the staff members if the chatbot faces complex situations.
  4. Ideal to create a booking quote with prices, room options, and images in multiple languages.
  5. Can automate check-in reminders, sending pre-arrival messages, and post-stay surveys. 
  6. Ideal to interpret complex questions and ensure guest satisfaction in the hospitality sector. 
  7. Maintains consistency in bot’s language, tone, and voice. 
  8. Ideal to ensure the accurate availability and pricing status.  

How do the hospitality chatbots work?

Rule-based chatbots are developed to do specific tasks, whereas AI-powered chatbots are ideal to do intelligent and complex tasks. Hotel booking bots are known to be exceptional and scalable tools for assisting hotel workers with their heavy workloads. Therefore, these solutions help professionals connect one-on-one with travelers. The travelers can collect a set of information they need to book hotels comfortably. 


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