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Empower agents. Engage customers in human-like conversations. Elevate CSAT with Xequence.ai Voice AI for exceptional customer experiences.

Automated Speech Recognition
Natural Language Understanding
Conversational AI
Text to Speech
Plug and Play

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Voice AI Driven Customer Support Automation Platform

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Xequence's cutting-edge voice recognition technology is truly unique. It's a smart mix of the best general voice recognition, our own custom-trained system, and our special tech that really gets what you're saying (we call that SLU, or spoken language understanding).. Our special SLU is like a super filter—it tunes out the background noise and really focuses on the important bits, like what you're actually trying to say, your accent, and even if you're speaking in different languages.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Xequence's NLU Engine: Tailored for precision, our NLU engine leverages industry-specific data to pinpoint user requests, relevant details, and mood from speech. Designed for speed and accuracy, it is finely tuned into accents and tones, and cleverly distinguishes between similar terms (like open vs. closed orders) to enhance support interactions.

Conversational AI

Xequence's Conversational AI excels in grasping voice conversations with precision. It remembers context from past calls, adapts to changes in the caller's needs, and crafts personalized, script-free messages for authentic interactions. Designed for swift and accurate replies, our cutting-edge system provides around-the-clock, human-like responses, ensuring callers always receive the most relevant information.


Xequence's AI leverages advanced text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies, tailored for specific industry needs. Trained on actual conversations, it understands and responds with the naturalness of a human support agent. By analyzing callers' speech patterns and continuously learning, it enhances both the precision and speed of interactions. This AI adapts to changes in caller needs, personalizes communication without relying on scripts, and ensures conversations flow smoothly towards quick, accurate resolutions. Available 24/7, our cutting-edge voice AI delivers relevant, human-like responses, elevating the customer experience.

Plug and Play

Xequence's Voice Al is an easy to deploy plug and play solution. This can be integrated on top of your cloud telephony, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) or PBX. Verloop.io's Voice Al can seamlessly integrate with your UCaaS ecosystem in place. Or you can also lease a calling line from Verloop.io as well for ease and faster implementation.

Conversational AI for Customer Support

Experience the power of Conversational Al for customer support with Voice Al. Make conversations contextual, intelligent and most importantly free-flowing like human conversations.

Share Updates

Provide relevant information and reminders in real-time on any channel.

Collect Feedback

Give your customers a new way to review your product/service.

Upsell – Cross-sell

Inform your customers about new products and services that are relevant to them.


Check Status

Help customers track their order updates, bank accounts, tickets, etc.

Take Instant Actions

Process requests immediately for seamless customer experience.

Information at fingertips

Share relevant information with the customers via a natural conversation.


Why Xequence’s Voice AI?

Experience the power of Voice AI for your customer support. Give your customers their own personal voice assistant.


Scalable Support

Simple to Use

Multilingual Support

Improved Agent Productivity

Omnichannel Voice Experience

Higher User Engagement

High Accuracy and Speed