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8 Strategies to Inspire Guests to Write Positive Hotel Reviews

8 Ways To Improve Hotel Reputation Management

Reviews and ratings determine a business’s survival in the digital age. Lesser stars on directories like TripAdvisor, and Google Business can have a greater impact than thousands of dollars spent on sponsored advertising. Positive evaluations, particularly in the hotel industry, can stimulate demand and present a chance to modify prices and boost profits. It can…
7 Ways To Enhance Agent Experience And Win Back Customers

7 Ways To Enhance Agent Experience and Win Back Dissatisfied Customers

Chatbot was seen as a replacement for traditional IVR systems initially. It promised to improve service but disappointed users with limited capabilities. Like IVRs, they failed to fully automate processes, leaving customers frustrated. For instance, PayPal’s early chatbot infamously responded positively to a user reporting a scam. Initially viewed as a replacement for IVR systems,…
Redefine your customer service with AI chatbots

Redefine your customer service with AI chatbots 

In the post-ChatGPT world, where customers have seen what generative AI is capable of, expectations are higher than ever. Customer service is becoming a critical distinction for travel companies. Which implies client loyalty is up for grabs. Leading travel companies are turning to AI-powered automation to deliver excellent customer experiences and efficient service across all…




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