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The DOs and DONTs

The DOs and DONTs of Hotel Chatbots

Chatbots for hotels may perform a variety of activities, facilitate communication, and improve the visitor experience without the need for human participation. These are automated virtual assistants that are intended to give personalised customer assistance to guests. Bots can help with room reservations, generate revenue by upselling, provide information about hotel amenities and services, recommend…
Top 8 Future Trends of Hospitality Chatbots

Top 8 Future Trends of Hospitality Chatbots

Hospitality chatbots are also known as hotel chatbots. These are conversational AI-driven computer program that can easily replicate human speech. This technology can minimize the cost of guest involvement while improving the client experience by responding to queries. The hospitality sector has seen tremendous technological breakthroughs in recent years that have completely changed how hotels…
How AI Chatbot Boost Flaws Of Hotel Industry Hiring Process?

How AI Chatbot Boost Flaws Of Hotel Industry Hiring Process?

In today’s fast-paced world, recruitment procedures are undergoing tremendous change. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, notably AI chatbots, the recruitment environment is becoming more efficient, dynamic, and personalised than ever before. In this article, we’ll look at how AI chatbots are transforming recruiting by personalising the experience for both candidates and hiring…
7 Ways To Enhance Agent Experience And Win Back Customers

7 Ways To Enhance Agent Experience and Win Back Dissatisfied Customers

Chatbot was seen as a replacement for traditional IVR systems initially. It promised to improve service but disappointed users with limited capabilities. Like IVRs, they failed to fully automate processes, leaving customers frustrated. For instance, PayPal’s early chatbot infamously responded positively to a user reporting a scam. Initially viewed as a replacement for IVR systems,…
10 Crucial Errors Hotel Call Centers Must Avoid

10 Crucial Errors Hotel Call Centers Must Avoid

Traveling for personal or office work doesn’t always mean that the experience of a guest will be measured by how the management treats with them during their stay. Hospitality has long been defined by its exceptional customer care services. When deciding to take a vacation, travelers are actually faced with an abundance of options. Ultimately,…
AI changing the travel and tourism industries

How is AI changing the travel and tourism industries?

The travel and tourism business is a vibrant, ever-evolving field with both enormous potential and difficult obstacles. Innovation and adaptation are essential for survival and growth in the face of constantly changing customer demands, fierce competition, and the ongoing effects of world events. Companies in this industry are realizing more and more that in order…
Exploring the distinct aspects of next-generation chatbots

Exploring the distinct aspects of next-generation chatbots

What is Next Generation AI Chatbot? Artificial intelligence refers to machines that can duplicate certain aspects of human intelligence, including reasoning, perception, learning, problem-solving, language interaction, and creative output. It has been incorporated into the field of education in the last ten years. For example, Nipun Assessment Test (NAT) in the Indian state of Uttar…

How To Select The Right Hotel Chatbot?

A hotel chatbot is a software solution designed to engage in dialogues with website visitors, mimicking conversations between a hotel and a potential guest. Its purpose is to aid visitors in accessing necessary information and facilitating booking decisions by interacting with frequently asked questions. With more reservations and fewer cancelled bookings, the hotel will be…
How Gen Ai Can transform Hospitality Industry?

How Gen Ai Can transform Hospitality Industry?

Two decades ago, the general consensus on the uses of AI was that it would be used to replace humans in manual labor-intensive tasks. It was a wrong assumption as the robots need hands-on training. However, creative jobs were predicted to be least impacted, but quickly the idea changed as artificial intelligence is now supporting…
Gen AI

Exploring Generative AI’s Creative Potential

Generative AI’s Evolutionary Journey and Use Cases Gen AI is a kind of artificial intelligence that is ideal to create contents including photos, audio, texts, and videos. They identify inherent patterns in current data and do this work. Enterprises use it to create new and distinct outputs. Introduced in 1960, this technology has become a…




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