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The ROI Metric Of Hotel Chatbot

The ROI Metric Of Hotel Chatbot

Chatbots, personalised suggestions, operational automation, and advanced analytics are all examples of AI applications that are penetrating the hotel industry. However, integrating AI is a substantial expensive commitment, so it is critical that firms evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of such projects. This article discusses the significance of quantifying the ROI on AI investments…

8 Ways Whatsapp Business App Could Grow Hotel Occupancy Rate

Technology is becoming the major part of the hotel sector, rather than just an associate. The sector embraces any technological advancement that can improve operations and provide visitors with amazing experiences. In an effort to improve communication between staff members and guests, the hotel sector has recently turned to WhatsApp.  Furthermore, the messaging app has…
Exploring the distinct aspects of next-generation chatbots

Exploring the distinct aspects of next-generation chatbots

What is Next Generation AI Chatbot? Artificial intelligence refers to machines that can duplicate certain aspects of human intelligence, including reasoning, perception, learning, problem-solving, language interaction, and creative output. It has been incorporated into the field of education in the last ten years. For example, Nipun Assessment Test (NAT) in the Indian state of Uttar…
How Gen Ai Can transform Hospitality Industry?

How Gen Ai Can transform Hospitality Industry?

Two decades ago, the general consensus on the uses of AI was that it would be used to replace humans in manual labor-intensive tasks. It was a wrong assumption as the robots need hands-on training. However, creative jobs were predicted to be least impacted, but quickly the idea changed as artificial intelligence is now supporting…
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Exploring Generative AI’s Creative Potential

Generative AI’s Evolutionary Journey and Use Cases Gen AI is a kind of artificial intelligence that is ideal to create contents including photos, audio, texts, and videos. They identify inherent patterns in current data and do this work. Enterprises use it to create new and distinct outputs. Introduced in 1960, this technology has become a…
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Top 6 best hotel booking chatbots in 2024

Hotel booking chatbots that are ready to rule in 2024  From ticket booking to hotel room booking, artificial intelligence-based tools are changing the dimensions of the hospitality industry. Hotel booking chatbots are now coming with more features that are user-friendly and easy to use. The integration will help you in more personalised conversations, handle complex inquiries,…
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Why WhatsApp Chatbot Could be a Game Changer for Hotels

83% of your guests are active on WhatsApp, use it Needless to say, communication is the key to delivering a great guest experience and generating positive reviews. Are you running a business that is related to Hotels, Flights, Railways, Events, or Cab services? If yes, WhatsApp Business could be a great communication channel for the…




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