8 Ways Whatsapp Business App Could Grow Hotel Occupancy Rate

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Technology is becoming the major part of the hotel sector, rather than just an associate. The sector embraces any technological advancement that can improve operations and provide visitors with amazing experiences. In an effort to improve communication between staff members and guests, the hotel sector has recently turned to WhatsApp.  Furthermore, the messaging app has done an amazing job of providing precisely that to a large extent. In this post, we have tried to outline the key reasons why your hotel should be listed on WhatsApp for prospective visitors.

WhatsApp Business API: What And Why

There is WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API for hotels. Even if they have a similar sound, they are very different from one another. With several features, including company profiles, rapid replies, automated greeting messages, contact labels, and catalogs, its integration is very advantageous for hotels.

But for hotels with a broader range of activities, more integration is needed. To improve their operations and enable more effective communication, they require a few extra features from the best AI chatbot. This is when the role of the WhatsApp Business API becomes apparent. By integrating this application with the hotel management system, the Application Programming Interface gives you advanced coordination.

How WhatsApp Integration Helps Hoteliers?

Timely Booking Notifications

You can receive timely alerts about hotel reservations using the WhatsApp Business API. Activating its notification feature will allow you to stay informed. Additionally, cancellation and rescheduling of reservations can be communicated to you.

Better Communication

It helps the hotels in providingimproved communication facility. With the use of WhatsApp Business API Integration, hotels can notify employees about unexpected bill settlements, cancellations, and Wi-Fi passwords.

Notifications on pending task

Tracking of tracks, shifts, and updates is also possible with personnel. They can receive notifications via WhatsApp each time a task is due. Directly on the Chat Box, employees can indicate that a task is finished, and the hotel PMS will be updated accordingly.

Catalogues and Payment Links

By providing simplicity to both buyers and sellers, WhatsApp Business for hotels might actually help you elevate your game. Share the hotel’s menu, catalog, and even payment links with others. Every facet of the hotel industry can be integrated with hotel PMS.

Lead Generation And Acquisition:

In lead generation, WhatsApp Business is helpful.  Integrating WhatsApp with the website of your hotel will be useful. Visitors can use the website’s integrated chat feature to ask questions about the rooms, rates, and deals. Once again, you can pitch them when a new deal comes along by storing their contact information for later.

Mark Leads Based On Labels

Putting a name on each visitor according to their features is the most crucial component of customer relationship management, or CRM. Creating customized marketing campaigns allows you to engage with different kinds of customers in an easy manner. Marking visitors as new leads, prospective clients, current clients, and more is possible.

Customer Analytics

Real-time messaging and spending insights, as well as comprehensive conversion metrics and other crucial company data, are all available with the integration. You can improve communication, increase leads, and earn more revenue by using WhatsApp Business Integration for hotels.

What is the impact of WhatsApp in the hospitality industry?

  • Smooth communications
  • Instant notifications
  • Quick responses and support
  • Hotel business catalogue
  • Gain your guests’ trust
  • Connect better through personalization
  • Make upselling easier and better
  • Generate greater ROI

Create broadcast lists

Contact lists that are available for messaging are known as WhatsApp broadcasts. WhatsApp Groups and duplicate broadcast list contacts may look alike, but the main difference is that users cannot see each other or send and receive private messages. Make use of broadcast lists in order to produce campaigns that work. One way to reach out to your VIP clientele would be to create a list of them and offer them exclusive deals or get recommendations from current customers. When interacting with your audience, make use of this feature to keep in touch.

Wish Customers on Special Occasions

One excellent way to do some clever promotion is to send out a programmed text message to your guests on their birthdays or anniversaries, if you know when they are. One more way to foster relationships and make guests happy is to send them greetings on important occasions like bachelorette parties, weddings, honeymoons, and business gatherings while they are visiting.

It serves as a booking mode

Lately, WhatsApp expanded its features to include a payment method. It should be noted that sending money to any contact on your phone book is only possible with the personal version. The bank account connected to your property may be connected to it. It will help you to avoid payment gateway fees and get bookings quickly.

Get feedback from guests

As soon as a guest leaves a review, why wait to learn about their experience? An effective way to address problems before they get worse or to recognize and thank employees is to send a brief message asking for feedback. To add a personal touch and make a message seem less robotic and more authentic, try starting the message with the guest’s first name.

Gift customers with freebie

Indeed, who doesn’t enjoy a freebie based on AI in the hotel industry? Show your gratitude and provide your guests with a memorable experience by providing them with a complementary cocktail, dessert, or travel bag. Send a note stating something like, “We appreciate you selecting our hotel! To express our gratitude, we encourage you to select a complimentary cocktail or a keepsake tote bag. Please let us know when your room can receive it. With a small implementation cost, the guests will be thrilled with their delightful surprise. A small gift might yield positive reviews and boost repeat business.

Use WhatsApp group features

Users on group chats can see each other and share ideas and opinions with the entire group, which is not possible on broadcast lists. Group conversations can therefore be useful for promoting communication among your users. Form a group and provide educational videos or webinars.

Utilize WhatsApp status

If you are acquainted with Facebook or Instagram Stories, you can do something similar with WhatsApp status. With every contact you have, you can share text and multimedia content, such as pictures of nearby hotels and areas, and get comments. On Facebook, you can also share the update. Only a day can pass between WhatsApp status updates.

Other amazing things

Along with sharing local news, giving advice, sending personalized messages, and many other incredible things, you may employ the WhatsApp marketing campaign. Imagine something that will astonish and delight your guests by using your creative imagination.

The final words

Using resources such as the WhatsApp Business API can revolutionize the visitor experience in the fiercely competitive hotel industry. Hotels may enable their customers to have a more memorable and connected stay. Adopting the WhatsApp Business API is becoming more than just a technological advance as 2024 approaches; it is a strategic need for hotels that want to maintain their competitive edge in guest communication and service provision. The hospitality industry may unlock new levels of visitor happiness and loyalty by utilizing the WhatsApp Business API, paving the way for an inventive and prosperous future.

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